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Federal Tax Charges

The Cox Law Firm represents those accused of fraudulent or otherwise criminal handling of federal tax money.  If you or someone you love is currently being investigated for tax fraud or another tax crime, contact The Cox Law Firm immediately to begin building your case.

The Cox Law Firm has experience representing the accused in matters involving federal taxation and all crimes associated with federal and state taxes. Whether you are charged with matters involving the fraudulent preparation of someone else’s tax return, or if you are being investigated, or charged, with a tax related matter personally, do not hesitate to contact The Cox Law Firm immediately. Such matters are best handled as early as possible, and preferably even during the investigation phase of the government’s case against you.

The attorneys at The Cox Law Firm are skilled at reviewing federal tax documents as well as the government’s investigative reports related to an investigation into inappropriate tax return activities.

If you have been contacted by the IRS or the FBI, regarding a federal tax investigation, the attorneys at The Cox Law Firm can help you. Understandably, if you are the target of such an investigation or criminal charge, you may be feeling overwhelmed at the gravity of the situation. We at The Cox Law Firm can help you to better understand exactly what is being asked of you, what is being investigated and, if applicable, the details regarding what you are being charged with.

If you, or a family member or loved one, have been contacted by the government regarding their investigation of your tax returns, or your involvement in the preparation of someone else’s tax return, you can contact this office to speak with one of our attorneys immediately.

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